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Poetic French Bulldog's new stud Babar is our triple factor male who can produce all the colors of the rainbow!  He is a blue sable male and can produce lilac, blue, chocolate, blue & tan and black & tan puppies to the right female. He also does not carry the brindle gene so a lot of his puppies will be solid colors.  We are so excited to have him, his quality is tops and his temperament is so sweet, gentle and happy go lucky! It is rare to have a stud who is healthy with great structure and temperament.  We look forward to his beautiful, healthy rare colored puppies in the future!!




Poetic French Bulldog's Iron Dog Stark is our is a Top Quality Blue Pied Stud with outstanding structure, big head, strong broad chest, short back and very muscular, a true bully. Stark's lines include some of the best like Shark, Inki Iz Palevyh, and Firefield, he is also grandsired by Blue Suede. One of the best looking males I have ever seen with the temperament to match. Stark likes to be underfoot, he is a snuggler, playful and happy go lucky, I love it...he's the total package!!


Ripcurls Brando is our stellar Blue Male! Brando's lines include some the of the top Hungarian lines. He is stacked with bully features, he has a big head, sweat face, broad chest, short back, and a stocky build. He loves people and is very laid back; very cool personality! We are blessed to have him.