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10 Best Clothing Items for a French Bulldog

The next time you see a french bulldog dressed like a taco or hot dog, we challenge you not to laugh! Few things in this world can bring joy to a person. But, one of them happens to be Frenchies in outfits.

If you’re new to the french bulldog community, you may be wondering where you can purchase the perfect pooch ensemble. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’re going to be discussing the 10 best clothing items for your french bulldog. We feel that you’ll be able to find something in here to fit your pup. No matter your style.

So, read along with us! It’s going to be a fun one.

1. Pendi Sweater for a French Bulldog

You’ve heard of Fendi? Well, we’re going to be rocking Pendi. Pendi is the pet brand Fendi sweater lookalike.

These stylish sweaters come in a cappuccino-brown fabric with the signature black “F” pattern that makes Fendi stand out. They are the perfect look for any size dog from full-grown Frenchies all the way down to french bulldog puppies.

If you own a french bulldog in a colder climate, this is the sweater for you. They are cozy and comfortable. They’re also made of high-quality, soft wool fabric. 

The Pendi sweater is a fashionable way to keep your puppy warm all winter long.

2. Pupreme French Bulldog Hoodie

The pet knockoffs are killing us! If you don’t know, Pupreme is a play on the trendy Supreme brand of clothing. Supreme clothing is known for its bold red and white pattern.

This hoodie sports the signature “Supreme” logo stitched across the back of the hoodie. The fabric of the hoodie itself has the trademark Louis Vuitton pattern. Can you imagine a more luxury hoodie for your Frenchie?

The hoodie is a cotton blend material. The fabric is extremely high-quality. The hoodie is also machine pressed so it will last a long time.

The Pupreme also has a soft interior lining to ensure your pup’s comfort. It’s also offered in a variety of sizes to give your french bulldog the perfect fit.

3. French Bulldog Jacket

This jacket is the perfect jacket for your Frenchie’s fur in the winter. It comes in a plaid “Burberry-like” pattern. The color scheme of the plaid is red, black, and white. 

It’s made of a mix of polyester and cotton. Not only does it keep your dog warm, but it will also protect them from the wind. The inner lining is a waterproof fabric to keep your pup dry, as well as warm.

4. The Frenchies Coat

What’s the best compliment to a Frenchie? More Frenchies! This coat is a winter jacket with a fur-lined hood. The jacket will keep your little buddy toasty warm and boasts a “cartoon Frenchie” pattern. 

This unique jacket makes a statement while still keeping your puppy dry and warm. It also has easy close buttons and a hole at the back for the little guy or gal’s leash.

5. Meelo Sweater for French Bulldogs

Another popular item to dress your Frenchie is the Meelo sweater. This design is similar to an old-school Adidas track jacket. (Think Run DMC).

The sweater’s material is of the highest quality. It’s comfortable, durable, and will keep your puppy more than warm this winter. The sweater is machine washable, easy to dry, and we guarantee it will make your Frenchie the talk of the town.

6. The Ultimate Winter Jacket

This one is exactly as advertised. It is the ultimate winter jacket for your pup. It’s designed with a camouflage pattern and gray pinstripes on the sleeves. It’s the perfect garment to keep your puppy warm without sacrificing any style.

The material can accommodate all weather conditions. It also comes with a fleece-lined hood and drawstring sleeves to ensure your pup’s comfort.

7. WOOF Hoodie for Frenchies

WOOF! This bold look for your pooch is inspired by streetwear style. It’s unique and bold, and it’s a hoodie that’s sure to make your french bulldog stand out at the dog park. 

The machine-pressed design and high-quality fabric ensure that function meets the form. This hoodie is not only eye-catching. It’s also durable and built to last.

8. Luxury French Bulldog Coat

This premium coat is the perfect compliment to your Frenchie’s winter collection. The coat is soft to the touch but that doesn’t mean it’s fragile. It’s made with premium durable fabrics to outlast your puppy’s toughest wear and tear.

It’s even equipped to handle any weather your hometown can throw at it.  The coat comes in two colors and is designed to keep your french bulldog comfortable while wearing it. 

The style is a leopard print. This bold look guarantees that your little Frenchie will be the “belle of the ball” no matter where you go. This jacket doubles as the perfect piece for your dog’s everyday wardrobe or that statement piece for special occasions.

This thick, luxurious coat is essential if you plan to train your dog outside in the winter.

9. Trendy Winter Clothes For Frenchies

This trendy winter jacket comes in a variety of colors. It’s a fur-lined hooded jacket. Its style is similar to a military parka. 

It comes in all white and a variety of camouflage patterns. The fabric is lightweight, breathable, warm, cozy, and weatherproof.

10. Luna Jacket

This is a reflective winter jacket that’s perfect for your french bulldog. You no longer have to worry about cars spotting your Frenchie when you’re out for a walk. 

The bright colors are both eye-catching and protective. The material is waterproof, skin-friendly, machine washable, and comfortable. Comfort meets safety with this hi-tech, comfortable reflective winter piece.

Fashion-Forward Frenchies

If you’re looking to make your french bulldog a fashion plate, we think we’ve got you covered. Those are the top 10 clothing items you can buy your Frenchie on the internet today.

If you have any more questions about all things Frenchie, contact us today. We’re more than happy to talk french bulldogs and find you the perfect solution for your furry friend.