lady gaga and her french puppy surfing

Lady Gaga Takes her Frenchie Asia Surfing, Relaxes With French Bulldog on the Beach

Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend—dogs are!

If you have any doubt, take one look at Lady Gaga and her beloved French Bulldog puppy Asia. The 28-year-old pop star takes her little “BatPig” everywhere, which, on Tuesday, included a morning surf in the water!

Gaga Instagrammed a shot of “Me and my Piggy” paddling out on a surfboard (well, Gaga was doing the paddling, but Miss Asia was perched adorably on the front of the board, perhaps directing her mom which way to go or keeping a lookout for sharks).

The “G.U.Y.” singer shared another picture of Asia paddling through shallow water, writing, “They say BatPigs can’t swim but my little girl can! Ears out of the water and everything! She loves it! #BatShark”

Although some French Bulldogs can swim for short distances, their top-heavy frames make it very difficult, and these dogs should be monitored closely in and around any body of water for their own safety. Fortunately Gaga, just an arm’s length away from her precious pup, appears to have a close eye on Asia’s swimming situation.

Via: E News