Giant Sculpture Frenchie

Giant Frenchie Sculpture Guards NY Palace Hotel

French artist Julien Marinetti debuted his monumental DOGGY JOHN sculpture in The New York Palace Hotel’s world-renowned courtyard at 455 Madison Avenue on the evening of May 11. The installation, which will be in place through September 2011, was the subject of contemplation and avid supposition as guests debated whether the mysterious DOGGY JOHN was guarding the gates or welcoming guests to the Madison Room, where luminaries in the fields of art, design, fashion, television and more, joined hosts Nadia Rottger, The New York Palace’s Edward Mady, Geoffrey Bradfield, Erin Fetherston and Amy Sacco in honoring the artist. “Hair of the Dog,” specialty cocktails caused a sensation in an explosion of color and taste that reflected the primary colors of the lacquered bronze sculptures Marinetti considers a super-surface for his painting. For those who missed it, not to fret, the cocktail is on the menu at the Palace Gate cafe.