French Bulldog History

It’s All About the Frenchie! 10 Fascinating Fun Facts

Fascinating Fun Facts About French Bulldogs

One of the most fascinating canine breeds originating from the 1800’s, discover some of the most interesting french bulldogs fun facts!

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Did you know that French Bulldogs aren’t really from France?

Originating in the early 1800s, the first French Bulldog came from Nottingham, England. Often referred to as “toy” bulldogs, Frenchies were popular among lace makers, who valued their companionship. 

Along with having misleading names, these adorable pint-sized companions are full of big surprises. From riding on the Titanic, to earning the nickname of “Frog Dog”, the world of the French Bulldog is anything but boring.

If you think you know everything there is to know about Frenchies, think again. Read on to learn 10 fun facts about the famous French Bulldog.

1. A French Bulldog was on the Titanic

One Frenchie made history as a passenger of the Titanic. Gamin de Pycombe was a champion French bulldog that got to enjoy a luxurious first class ride with his adoring owner. Unfortunately, Gamin’s life ended when the Titanic met its demise. 

2. Gender Doesn’t Matter

Surprisingly, the temperament of your Frenchie has very little to do with their gender. Instead, the majority of their personality develops during puppyhood.

It’s during these first few months, while the puppy is maturing, that they turn into the dog they’re going to be. It’s up to you as the owner to invest the right amount of time and attention while the puppy is growing up. Failing to do so can result in a needy, untrusting Frenchie that nobody wants to be around.

3. Nicknamed the Frog Dog

French bulldogs are often called Frenchies for short. Yet, did you know they had another nickname too? Frenchies have a couple of nicknames that they’ve earned because of their playful nature.

Frog Dog, is one nickname you might hear instead of Frenchie. This silly nickname came into existence because of the way Frenchies look when they’re sitting or laying down. They have an odd way of spreading their hind legs out behind them, very similar to how a frog might place their legs.

Another name they’ve earned is, “clown dogs”. After all, what Frenchie doesn’t love to spend the day clowning around with the ones they love?

4. Thoughtful Watch Dogs

Frenchies tend to be slightly territorial, which is a great trait for any watchdog. They don’t tend to bark at visitors when they aren’t a stranger.

Instead, they save all of their bark filled alarms for individuals that are brand new and have never been over before. Whenever an unexpected visitor is approaching, you can expect your Frenchie to have something to say about it.

5. Celebrities Love French Bulldogs

Celebrities love Frenchies! Can you blame them? Not only do these little dogs look great in pictures, they are prime, grade A best friend material.

Here are a list of famous faces who are also Frenchie owners:

  • Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Leonardo DiCaprio

Even Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has joined the French Bulldog Club.

6. Land Loving Dogs

It’s best to keep your French Bulldog on land. Since they are a brachycephalic breed, Frenchies aren’t naturally good swimmers 

Frenchies simply aren’t made to go swimming. They have heavy bones, meaty muscles, and wide faces. None of these features make for a great swimming experience.

7. Natural Born Babysitters

Frenchies are a loving, loyal breed, and come to be protective guardians of their family members. They also hate being alone for long periods of time.

These little dogs thrive off of human contact and love spending time with their owners. That’s why French Bulldog puppies love living with families who can spend time with them.

8. Frenchies Have Sensitive Feelings

Remember how we said Frenchies love their owners? Well, with this love comes an entire world of emotions.

French Bulldog owners have to be careful to keep their puppies emotions in check. Here are some negative behaviors you’ll want to keep an eye out for:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Excessive barking
  • Clinginess

It’s okay for your French Bulldog to want to be around you. However, if you notice you can’t leave the room without them crying, you might be time to start training lessons.

9. Bat Ears

At birth, all Frenchies have floppy ears. The majority of French Bulldog’s ears will begin to stand up on their own.

Arguably the most popular ear style for a Frenchie is their pointy bat-eared style. Their large ears were especially popular in France so they were bred specifically to exaggerate this cute feature.

Their large ears sparked controversy between kennel club members. Yet, over the years it’s clear that big batty ears won the fight. To this day large ears on Frenchie’s are one of their most adorable features.

10. Average Life Span

You’ll be happy to know that Frenchies can live to be a decade or older. The average life span is right around 10-12 years of age. 

Keep in mind though that the length of your dog’s life relies heavily on you as the owner. Making sure your Frenchie gets the proper diet and exercise is crucial to extending their lives.

Variety of Colors

The most common colors for French Bulldog puppies are white, fawn, brindled, or pied. When a puppy is pied, it’s a mixture of both white and brindle colors. Here at Poetic French Bulldogs, we even have the popular, “blue, color available.

As dog breeders in Florida, we understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards for all of our AKC registered French Bulldog puppies. Our puppies are all around well bred with wonderful temperaments and nice bone structure. All of our puppies also come with their shots up to date, a health certificate, a microchip and a one-year health guarantee.

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