How to Care for a French Bulldog Puppy

Your Guide to Being First Time French Bulldog Puppy Parents

What’s a puppy’s favorite type of pizza?

Pupperoni of course!

Jumping into 4th place for the most popular dog breed, French Bulldog puppies are stealing hearts across America. There’s something special about these tiny bat-eared companions that makes them irresistible to love.

Popularly referred to as The Frenchie, the French Bulldog has a fun-loving spirit. They make great family pets and tremendous best friends.

Unlike other high energy dogs, a French Bulldog puppy can be much easier to care for. They barely shed, love relaxing, and don’t require very much exercise. Content to spend the day snoozing in your lap, Frenchies aren’t high maintenance dogs.

Yet, there are a few special tips and tricks every new Frenchie owner needs to know. Are you thinking about getting a puppy but aren’t quite sure what they will need? Read on to find out the absolute best way to care for French Bulldog puppies.

Feeding Your French Bulldog Puppy

To make sure you’re supporting your little furball through each stage of growth, you’ll need to make sure they’re getting the proper nutrients.

While it may be tempting to save a few dollars on dog food, in the end, it isn’t worth the cost. Poorly made dog foods won’t have all of the vitamins, proteins, and carbs that your puppy needs. That means your puppy won’t be able to fully develop into a healthy, strong adult.

Go ahead and spend the extra money to purchase high-quality, name-brand dog food. Make sure you choose a food that’s made especially for puppies. Adult dog foods don’t have all of the nutrients that developing puppies need to thrive.

Avoid Switching Foods

Once you pick a brand, you’ll want to stick with it as long as possible. Constantly switching back and forth between different brands can be dangerous to your puppies health.

Instead, your Frenchie will benefit from consistently receiving the same blend of nutrients from a familiar brand. Once you know what brand you want, you’re ready to create a feeding schedule.

When to Feed Your Pup

The bag of dog food you purchase will have directions on it explaining serving sizes. You mustn’t overfeed or underfeed your puppy or adult French Bulldog.

To help keep your puppy at the healthiest weight, we recommend feeding them twice a day.

Avoid increasing the recommended food intake without consulting your vet first. French Bulldogs are prone to obesity, and even puppies can become overweight.

Tips for Best Coat Care

Did you know that brushing your Frenchie does more than getting rid of unwanted hair? Your French Bulldog puppy has oils that their bodies naturally produce. These oils help protect their fur, strengthen their skin, and make their coat shine.

When you brush your dog’s coat, you’re evenly distributing the oils throughout their fur. Once evenly distributed, the oils can do a better job caring for the coat.

Frenchie’s are popular for having short-haired coats. This means the Frenchie’s coat only sheds a little bit and doesn’t require a lot of brushing.

Every puppy is different, and you may have to try a few different grooming tools to find the one that works best for you. Here’s a list of the best tools to use for coat brushing:

  • Bristled brush
  • Grooming mitt
  • Hound glove

If you decide to use a brush, make sure you choose a brush with medium bristles. The medium bristles will allow the brush to remove excess hair without scratching at their skin.

Make Grooming Fun

In some cases, certain puppies will be fearful of the grooming process. For these puppies, we recommend gradually introducing them to grooming tools.

Before your next puppy cuddle session, grab the grooming tool of your choice and a few treats. While you sit down, start petting and cuddling your puppy.

Next, put the grooming tool in front of the puppy, and let them sniff or lick it and give them a treat. Once they seem comfortable being near the grooming tool, try brushing them with it for 1-2 seconds.

Don’t be alarmed if the puppy gets upset, starts barking, or becomes overly playful. Simply stay calm, and once they calm down, go back to petting them. After a few moments, reintroduce the grooming tool and start the introduction process over.

Eventually, your puppy will know that grooming time means treats and love!

Playing and Training

French Bulldogs aren’t a breed that requires a lot of exercise. Short, outdoor sessions daily are enough to keep your Frenchie healthy. Even a short walk around your neighborhood will get your French Bulldog the activity they need.

Frenchies also enjoy training both indoors and outdoors. Consider signing your little one up for an obedience class or agility training. These classes are a great way to socialize your dog while also teaching them some manners.

Don’t Overexert Your Puppy

If you’re taking your puppy out to play during the summer or warmer seasons, make sure you bring plenty of water. French Bulldogs are prone to overheating, so monitor them closely when they’re playing outside.

Never allow your puppy to overexert themselves, especially when it’s hot. Try to keep outdoor sessions short during hot days. You might instead want to exercise your dog inside or somewhere with air conditioning.

Finding Your Frenchie

Now you know more about how to care for a French bulldog puppy. If you’re ready to open up your home to a new furry family member, we can help! Poetic French Bulldogs would love the opportunity to help you find the perfect puppy.

As quality French Bulldog breeders in Florida, we take great pride in our AKC French Bulldog puppies. All of our puppies come with a one-year health guarantee and all of their shots up to date. We also have a variety of colors for you to pick from, including the popular “Blue.”

Reach out to us today using our contact us page. We’d love to tell you all about our top-of-the-line puppies and their perfect Bully look!