French Bulldog name

30 Popular French Bulldog Name Ideas (and How to Choose the Right One!)

It turns out Shakespeare was wrong: everything is in a name, especially for a new puppy!

If you’ve recently gotten a new Frenchie, or are simply in the market for one, it can be tough coming up with the perfect name. And let’s face it: the newest member of your family deserves the best French Bulldog name.

To help you choose, we put together this list of 30 popular French Bulldog names. Keep reading to find the perfect name for your new puppy!


Are you a fan of the band The Kinks? Or maybe you just like names that flow right off the tongue? Either way, Lola is a great choice for a female Frenchie.


Do you have a very regal Frenchie? In that case, they need a very royal French Bulldog name. Our favorite choice in this regard is Louie.


Luna is a very pretty name for a female French dog. The name evokes the beauty and majesty of the moon. And for Harry Potter fans, it may also remind them of the character Luna Lovegood.


There is something quietly dignified about the name “Winston.” Like, you can tell your friends you’ve got to go meet your buddy Winston, and they’d probably never guess you were talking about a dog!


Who can forget Marlon Brando yelling “Stella” in the film adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire? Hopefully, you won’t have to shout at your own Frenchie very much. But this is a great name for your dog that channels the energy of the South.


Do you like a bit of humor when naming your pets? If so, you’ll love “Bentley.” It’s a great name for a male dog, but it also serves as a not-so-subtle reminder that these dogs can feel as expensive as Bentleys at times.


If you have a female Frenchie, you know the deal: she is the most beautiful dog in the world! Why not make it official by giving her the name “Bella,” which means beauty?


Naming a pet Milo may make people think of The Adventures of Milo and Otis. But even though it was the cat named Milo in that film, we think it is the perfect name for a male Frenchie. 


Is your female Frenchie a little diva in training? In that case, Coco is a perfect name. It lets your dog channel the glamorous energy of Coco Chanel wherever she goes!


When it comes to male dogs, it can be fun to give them names so they sound like “just one of the boys.” And there is no better name for this vibe than Frankie. Can’t you just imagine yourself coming home and saying “yo, Frankie, how have you been?”


Everyone knew an awesome “girl next door” growing up named Chloe. If you’d like to make your female Frenchie the “dog next door” for your neighbors, then Chloe is a great choice for a name.


It can be difficult figuring out how to name a French Bulldog until you get to know their personality. For example, some dogs reveal themselves to be pleasantly simple and down-to-earth. And they deserve a simple, down-to-earth name like Gus.


Lucy is a pretty name for a female Frenchie, and there are many good reasons to choose this name. Our favorite would be that it gives us an excuse to walk in the door and cry out “Lucy, I’m home!”


Bruno is a fun French Bulldog name on a lot of levels. For one thing, it sounds like the name of the cool, quiet guy in the corner of our workplace. For another, it reminds us of hit singer Bruno Mars.


Olive has always been a pretty name for pets and especially for Frenchies. And if she ends up having any accidents, just call that her “Olive oil” to hear friends and family groan.


While French Bulldogs are cute and sweet, they also have the spirit of a fighter. Why not give yours the name of a fighter and call him Rocky?


If you want to give your dog a cool, modern name, we are big fans of Zoe. And “Z” always makes for a great nickname!


Frenchie owners like to joke that their dogs always take things too far. Why not embrace it and name your dog “Max?”


Bailey is another simple name we love for French Bulldogs. And this can be a good name for male and female Frenchies alike.


Thank you, sir, may I have another? Whether or not you are a big fan of Oliver Twist, Oliver makes for a great name for your new pooch.


Sometimes, we like dog names that reflect their coloring. If you have a black and white Frenchie, Oreo makes for a very “sweet” name.


Is your Frenchie more like a well-behaved little lady? In that case, Charlotte is the perfect feminine name.


It would be a little weird if you took after The Beatles and named your dog “Sexy Sadie.” But drop the “sexy” part and “Sadie” is a really awesome name.


Is your dog a real grouch? Or maybe owning him feels like a major reward? Either way, we love Oscar as a name.


Were you a fan of Rocko’s Modern Life? Or do you just enjoy less traditional names? Try “Rocko” for your Frenchie and see how you like it.


They can call him “Grogu” all they want, but we all know that little guy on The Mandalorian is “baby Yoda.” And Yoda is a great name for your new baby.


Jax is a name for a strong, fierce dog. Just pretend it is short for the Greek warrior Ajax!


Want your dog to have some of the “luck of the Irish?” In that case, Molly is a sweet name for a sweet Frenchie.


We love Kash as the name for an adorable Frenchie for a simple reason. Like “cash,” you can never have enough of a cute dog!


Does your Frenchie like to crash into pillows like a wrecking ball? In that case, Dozer (short for Bulldozer) is a solid name.

Picking a French Bulldog Name: What’s Next?

Now you have plenty of selections for a French Bulldog name. But do you know where to get the Frenchie of your dreams?

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