French bulldog puppies

8 Factors to Consider When Buying French Bulldog Puppies

Did you know that getting a dog can benefit both your mental and physical health?

Having a furry companion comes with a host of benefits. However, before adopting a puppy, you need to ensure that you can cater to its needs. 

This is especially true for French bulldog puppies. Lovable and affectionate, these little cuties have wonderful temperaments. 

However, Frenchies have a unique set of needs, and it’s essential that you can meet these. 

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1. French Bulldog Puppies Need Lots of Love

The first thing to know about French bulldog puppies is they need lots of love. 

Frenchies are an incredible affectionate breed. They bond strongly with their owners and crave attention. They love to cuddle, lick, and spend time with their human. 

Therefore, when you buy a French bulldog, be prepared to spend lots of time with your new companion. Your Frenchie pup might need a lot of consoling in the first few weeks as it adjusts.

Once it does, be prepared for a loyal companion who won’t be too impressed when you leave it!

2. You Should Only Buy a French Bulldog From a Trusted Breeder

The next thing to keep in mind when shopping for French bulldog puppies for sale is to only buy from a select and trusted breeder.

All French bulldog puppies are capable of making you want to take them home asap. However, Frenchies can be prone to various health problems if not bred responsibly. 

Their genetic make up predisposes them to health issues if they are improperly bred. 

Fortunately, you can avoid most health issues by choosing a trusted breeder. 

3. They Don’t Take Well to Reprimands

Another important thing to know about French bulldogs as pets is they don’t take well to reprimands. 

Although they can be a little stubborn at times, they are deeply attached to their owners. Negative talk and harsh reprimands don’t tend to work well with this breed. 

While you should exercise discipline and training, try to replace negative reinforcement with positive reinforcement. 

For instance, instead of punishing your Frenchie for doing the wrong thing, reward them for good behavior. You may find this to be much more effective if done right. 

4. French Bulldogs Like to Talk

If you have your eye on a French bulldog for sale, you’ll be interested to know that these personable canines love to get their two cents in.

Although French bulldogs aren’t prone to barking, they do like to vocalize their feelings. Whether this is through, sniffs, grunts, yawns, whimpers, or sighs, you’ll be sure to know just what your Frenchie is feeling thanks to their unique vocal abilities!

Fortunately, this isn’t a drawback for most potential French bulldog puppy owners. Having a vocal little personality on hand be a lot of fun and make you fall even more in love with your Frenchie pup. 

5. They’re Incredibly Loyal

We briefly touched on the loyalty of Frenchies above, and it’s worth elaborating on.

If you’ve been browsing through available French bulldog puppies, it’s essential that you’re aware you setting yourself up for a serious, and long-term relationship.

French bulldogs love their owners deeply. In return, they need you to reciprocate their love and affection. 

6. Frenchies Can’t Live Outside

An important thing to know for owning French bulldogs is they can’t be left outside. 

Firstly, their shortened noses make them susceptible to overheating. Therefore, leaving them outside in warm weather is a no.

Also, leaving your Frenchie outside in cold weather can exacerbate any predisposition to arthritis symptoms. 

If you are wishing to buy a French bulldog, it’s essential that you plan indoor living for them. They aren’t dogs that can be left in the yard. 

Thanks to their sensitivity to temperatures, make sure they are in an ambient temperature at all times. 

7. Frenchies Have a Tendency to Leash Tug

Frenchies are extremely playful little things and can get very excited come walk time. 

This can cause them to tug on their leashes. However, with the right training, even the most eager of Frenchies can be taught good leash behavior. 

When doing leash training, remember that positive reinforcement is the key. Curb pulling by stopping in your tracks, changing direction to force them to follow, and reward non-pulling with lots of affection, praise, and treats. 

You can also experiment with things like clicker training. 

If you are consistent, your little Frenchie will be walking next to you in no time. 

8. French Bulldogs Have Burts of Energy

Last but not least, French bulldog puppies have burts of energy. Even when they are fully grown they are still playful. 

However, French bulldogs aren’t considered a power breed like pit bulls, huskies, and boxers. 

Therefore, French bulldogs don’t require long, vigorous walks. Instead, they do best with shorter walks and small bursts of playtime. 

Although Frenchies are an energetic breed, thanks to their size you’ll likely find that even after a short duration of exercise they will be more than happy to indulge in a Netflix binge session with you.

Looking for French Bulldog Puppies for Sale?

Having any breed of dog comes with a level of commitment. Frenchies are no different. They require lots of love and attention. They also benefit from a positive enforcement training style and shouldn’t be left outdoors. 

However, if you are considering owning French bulldogs, these aren’t necessarily drawbacks. Once a little Frenchie has taken up residence in your heart and home, you won’t want to shut them outside or leave them for long periods of time. 

In summary, Frenchies have incredibly lovable and warm personalities and make highly loyal and entertaining companions. 

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