are two dogs better than one

Are Two Dogs Better Than One? Why Your Frenchie Needs a Companion

What’s better than a French bulldog? A French bulldog and a friend!

Many dog lovers ask themselves, “are two dogs better than one?” The truth is that this answer varies from breed to breed.

With Frenchies, the answer is “absolutely yes!” If you’re not convinced, keep reading to learn why your Frenchie really needs a companion.

Member of the Pack

The first reason your Frenchie needs a friend is pretty simple. French bulldogs, like other dogs, are pack animals. That means they are going to be more comfortable as part of a group of animals (even if that group only has two members).

Now, some dogs are a little less social than others and may not be clamoring for a fuzzy friend. But Frenchies are very social breeds, and they are almost always happy to welcome a new dog into the family. 

No More Lonely Frenchie

What do you imagine the worst part of owning a pet is? For many dog owners, the answer is “leaving the dog alone.”

Unless you work from home, you’re going to have to leave your dog alone for long stretches of time. And even if you do work from home, you’ll need to leave them alone for short periods when you buy groceries or run other errands.

By himself, a French bulldog will probably spend that time feeling lonely and pining for your return. But if you have two French bulldogs, they can keep each other company in your absence,

Can Be Left Alone for Longer

The next point flows directly from the last one. Not only will you be able to leave your French bulldog alone, but you can comfortably leave him alone for a longer period of time when he has a friend.

With some dogs, it feels like you’re starting a counter when you leave the house. And if you’re not back before that counter counts down, you may come home to an absolute mess created by a very pouty dog.

Simply put, owning two dogs means that the counter is longer. Even if your Frenchie is very little, having two dogs means you can comfortably leave them alone for longer without worrying about them taking revenge against you.

Good Role Model

As a pet owner, you understand that dogs are like people in many ways. And one of those ways is that they can benefit from having a role model.

Let’s say that you have one Frenchie that is a bit too aggressive. Getting another Frenchie who is more mellow can help cancel that out.

This works in terms of socialization as well. If you have one dog who is very shy and antisocial, another dog who is highly social can help bring the first dog out of how shell.

How, though, can you know how your dogs are going to get along? We recommend taking a few days off after bringing the new dog home to monitor their behavior. You will discover very quickly whether your dogs are good role models for each other or not!

Unexpected Health Benefits

You’ve surely heard that phrase that “sometimes, less is more.” But when it comes to the health benefits of owning a dog, it turns out that “more is more.”

Owning one dog is a great way to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, and generally foster positive health. It also reduces your cholesterol, combats feelings of loneliness, and helps keep you active.

If a single dog can have these positive effects on both your body and mind, can you imagine what having two dogs can do? It turns out your fuzzy little duo will be giving back to you in some very powerful ways!

Easy Exercise

Owning a Frenchie means you deal with a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Perhaps the best example of this is the need for exercise.

You’ll need to take your Frenchie for regular walks in order to use their energy up. Otherwise, excess energy may manifest in some serious damage to your home.

How can two Frenchies help in this situation? The dogs are going to play with each other regularly and basically help with each other’s exercise.

This is going to reduce the number of walks you need to take them on while also making your dogs healthier than ever. As an added bonus, they’ll look absolutely adorable while they play!

Less Separation Anxiety

We’ve focused a lot on the idea of French bulldogs who get mad after you leave the house. In some cases, though, you may have a dog that gets really sad instead.

That’s because some Frenchies actually suffer from separation anxiety. When you come back to the house, you may find a dog that is anxious and depressed. Furthermore, it can be tough to bring the dog back to his usual good spirits.

With two French bulldogs, they can keep each other company while you are absent. If one of your dogs suffers from separation anxiety, he is less likely to suffer when he has a constant companion.

Mutual Heating System

Here’s a topic that really divides the pet-owning community: whether you should let the dog sleep with you or not.

Some dog owners love this and others hate it. And as for the dogs? No offense, but their primary consideration is usually staying warm throughout the night.

When you have two French bulldogs, they are likely to cuddle with one another at night to stay warm. It makes for an adorable sight, but this also has the side effect of keeping the dogs out of your bed.

While this will happen in almost any climate, your dog will particularly appreciate sleeping with a buddy if you live in a colder area.

“Are Two Dogs Better Than One?” Absolutely

Now you have an answer to the simple question, “are two dogs better than one.” Now that you have an answer, though, do you know where you can find another Frenchie?

At Poetic French Bulldogs, we specialize in bringing the best Frenchies to the best dog owners. To see how we can expand your fuzzy family, contact us today!