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Everything You Need Before Bringing Your French Bulldog Puppy Home

According to the ASPCA, an estimated 78 million dogs live in homes across the U.S. This means that millions of Americans become new dog owners each year.

If you’re one of the millions of people planning on becoming a pet owner for the first time, you might be interested in an adorable french bulldog puppy. Bringing a new puppy home requires a lot of preparation.

This guide will discuss everything you need before bringing your new pup home. Keep reading to learn how to prepare.

Home Supplies You’ll Need

If you’re planning on bringing a new dog into your home, you’ll need to prepare the house before their arrival. Puppy proofing is important for your dog’s safety and to prevent damage to your belongings. 

The puppy will try to chew on or eat anything they can if they aren’t supervised and trained early on. You’ll need to purchase a puppy playpen to keep your new pup contained in one area of the home. Dog gates can also block off certain areas of your home and will keep your dog from getting into some sticky situations. 

Consider adding locks to your pantry or cabinets in case your dog does get out of their playpen. This can save them from getting into some potentially toxic foods or products. 

Basic Puppy Supplies

You’ll also need to purchase some essential supplies to help your new puppy live a healthy and comfortable life. Crate training is an important process for a puppy to learn house rules. It’s best to choose a larger crate your puppy will feel comfortable in as they grow.

You’ll also need to purchase a dog bed for your puppy. You can choose something smaller, but you’ll need to purchase a new one when your dog outgrows their puppy bed.

Make sure you have dog bowls before your puppy arrives. You can start teaching them their place to eat and drink from day one.

Do some research to find quality dog food for your pup. You’ll need food formulated for puppies since they have specific nutritional needs. You’ll also need a good collar, leash, and some poop bags before picking up your pup. 

You’ll Need Some Toys

Puppies love to play, so it’s important to have a variety of toys before bringing your new puppy home. You’ll learn your pup’s preferences as they spend more time with you so you can purchase more of the toys they like best. 

Puzzle toys are great for keeping a puppy engaged and playing for a long time. The most common puzzle toys hide treats for your dog to retrieve. 

Chew toys are most important for a teething puppy. This will help prevent your dog from ruining your belongings. 

Balls are a great option too. Puppies need exercise and chasing a ball helps them burn off all the energy they have. 

Tools to Care For Your Puppy

You’ll need additional puppy gear to train and clean your new puppy. A training pouch is necessary when taking your puppy on walks. You can use this to hold dog treats, poop bags, and clickers as you teach your pup basic commands. 

A dog toothbrush and toothpaste will help keep your puppy’s teeth healthy and strong. While a french bulldog needs less grooming than other dogs, you should still have a brush at home for basic weekly grooming. 

Find the right shampoo and conditioner to help keep your puppy clean. Purchase pet wipes to use in between baths. You’ll also need pee pads while you potty train your new puppy and carpet cleaner for the inevitable accidents. 

Create a List of Places and Activities

Puppies need as much mental exercise as they need physical activity. Research places where you can take them and activities you can do together to help build your bond. 

Choose activities that promote mental stimulation and cognitive skills. You can plan simple indoor games like hide and seek or design an obstacle course with some household objects. This is a great way to get a brain workout and keep your dog from getting bored. 

You should also have a list of dog-friendly places you can visit with your new pup. This way your dog won’t have to stay home alone when you go to lunch with your friends, and they’ll get to interact with more people. Plenty of restaurants have outdoor seating and allow dogs to sit with their owners. 

Finding the right dog park to help make your new puppy feel comfortable around other dogs is important too.

Sign Up for Some Services Too

You’ll also need to prepare for your new puppy by finding the right professionals to help you. Look for a vet in your area so you can ensure your puppy is getting the necessary checkups and vaccines when you bring them home. You should also consider signing up for pet insurance to cover any emergency procedures your dog might need throughout their life.

You might want to hire a dog trainer to help teach your dog how to behave before any problems develop. Finding a dog-sitting service and groomer before you buy a puppy is also important. 

If you’ve taken these steps, check out some of the available puppies at Poetic French Bulldogs. You’ll definitely find one you love in our selection. 

This Is What You’ll Need Before Bringing Your French Bulldog Puppy Home

It’s important to have everything on this list lined up before bringing your new french bulldog puppy home. Puppy proof your home, buy the right puppy food and have some bowls in your home before starting the puppy purchase process. 

Contact us today if you have any questions about our french bulldog puppies or if you’re ready to bring a new furry family member into your home.