French Bulldog Potty Training Guide for New Owners

The arrival of your French bulldog pup demands some potty training.

The good news is that Frenchies are highly intelligent, so French bulldog potty training shouldn’t be challenging. While Frenchies may be stubborn in some circumstances, with the right guidance, they aren’t hard to potty train.

House training your French bulldog puppy will not be stressful, as long as you follow a few of our time-tested tactics.

Before training, it’s essential to understand that a Frenchie puppy’s bladder isn’t very big. In an ideal world, you or someone you trust would be able to let your puppy out to relieve himself every two to three hours.

If you don’t have that option, you should set up an inside spot for your puppy to go to the bathroom. For example, some people use puppy pee pads.

Ready to learn how to teach your Frenchie puppy how to go to the potty? Let’s get started.

How Do I Potty Train a French Bulldog?

So, you’re wondering how to potty train a French bulldog. If you bring your pup home during the winter, you should first teach potty lessons inside the house. To do this, purchase disposable potty mats to place in a quiet and calm place in your home.

You shouldn’t disturb your furry friend when they go to the potty, so make sure the disposable cloth is set somewhere they can be alone.

You also shouldn’t remove the mat if your pup only used it to pee. That’s because the mat will retain his smell, so he’ll link it with the potty lesson next time he needs to go toilet.

Once your pup has finished up, don’t forget to reward him with treats and affection. He’ll want to repeat his actions so that he can receive gifts and love again.  Your puppy will not only like the idea of receiving treats, but he’ll love the attention too.

How Do I Create a Potty Training Schedule?

One of our best French bulldog potty training tips is to perform lessons at the same time each day to create a schedule. While dogs don’t have a clock, they’ll remember when they need to have that bathroom break.

Take your French bulldog outside or to the mat at the same time each day. Don’t confuse him by taking him out to relieve himself at different parts of the day.

How Do I Teach My French Bulldog to Go Potty on Command?

Just like teaching your puppy any kind of tricks, if you want to train your French bulldog to go potty on-demand, you’ll need to use a particular phrase.

Use the command ‘go potty’ every time your pup goes to his mat or when he’s taken outside. Once he’s successfully relieved himself, reward him with a treat or toy. Be sure to make the command in a loud, firm, and clear voice.

As well as treats, toys can give your dog plenty of satisfaction. A chewing toy presented to your pup will not only reward him but will keep him entertained and busy for hours.

How Do I Determine Potty Time?

French bulldogs may start acting nervous or anxious when it’s time for a bathroom break. To understand when your pup is ready for potty time, observe his body language. This should help you decide when’s the best time to take your dog outside or to the mat/puppy pad.

Other symptoms of requiring potty time include barking, nervously walking around, and waiting for the owner in front of the doors.

Follow your puppy’s routine and relieving schedule. Usually, he will need to go potty after meals and at specific times of the day.

When your French bulldog starts squatting, circling, or sniffing around, that’s usually the right time to escort him to the designated potty area.

What Should I Do If My Puppy Goes Potty in the Wrong Place?

One of the most common French bulldog potty training problems is when your pup relieves himself inside the house and not in his designated potty area. 

Sure, it’s not pleasant cleaning up after your pup, but punishment isn’t going to help. A loud firm NO and then immediatly take them outside for that bathroom break.

Are You Ready to Start French Bulldog Potty Training?

Training takes practice, patience, and consistent effort for it to be effective.

When you start your training, be aware that it may take some time and effort before it’s ultimately successful. 

If you’re stuck working during the day, consider hiring a local dog trainer or walker to come and let your puppy out during the day. That way, your Frenchie can stick to his daily potty times.

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