French Bulldogs vs. English Bulldogs: Which Is the Right Fit?

It’s difficult to think of a cuter, more iconic breed of dog than the Bulldog. All breeds of Bulldogs have adorable, rounded faces and fierce stances. They range from 12 inches tall to 16 inches tall, and they all have a “come kiss me” face.

But, there are two breeds that garner the most attention and strike up the most heated debates. It often becomes a matter of French Bulldogs vs. English Bulldogs in an effort to find out which Bulldog is better. 

While we’d never impugn the comfort and joy that comes from either companion, we do have a little bit of “food for thought” for you. There are quite a few differences between the two and we’re happy to lay it all out as you contemplate this latest, greatest addition to your family. 

A Note on French Bulldogs’ Ancestry

Did you know French Bulldogs are actually descendants of the English Bulldog? Back in the day, English lace makers enjoyed having small Bulldogs sit on their laps while they worked. 

As such, a toy Bulldog breed was created. Over time, as English lace made its way to Paris, so did these cuddly, little companions. This is where the name French Bulldog was birthed. 

Parisians, in particular, loved this breed of dog because they made excellent city dogs. They were small enough to tote around town, join their owners at cafes and restaurants, and dwell comfortably in small apartments. 

In the 1900s, these fine, furry friends made their way to America and, to no surprise, became fan favorites all over again.

All About French Bulldogs

Let’s kick things off with the descendant to the fan-favored English Bulldog. Together, we’ll explore their size, stature, temperament, and training.


Frenchies are, indeed, the smallest of the Bulldog family of dogs. For the most part, they will remain under 28 pounds and stand no taller than 12-16 inches. 


Frenchies look a lot like their ancestor, the English Bulldog, in many ways; they maintain a muscular, well-planted stance.

The main difference (aside from their smaller stature) is that a Frenchie’s ears stand straight up, instead of folding over like many other breeds with small ears. 

Best Environment

Even today, Frenchies remain a great option if you dwell in an apartment or small home. They don’t require a lot of exercise because, frankly, their breathing makes it difficult for them to exert themselves too much. 


Finally, here’s the best part. Frenchies maintain a wonderful personality because they like being around people. They’re a friendly, sociable breed that will train quite well because they want to be pleasing to the people around them. 

This is not to say they don’t have a tad of a stubborn streak (hence the bulldog in them). But, by using joyful treats and games, your little companion will train up quite well.  

All About English Bulldogs

Now, for the ancestor to the Frenchie. English Bulldogs have, of course, been around longer and carry a larger build. Let’s take a closer look at their similarities and differences. 


English Bulldogs are a bit larger than French Bulldogs. They can nearly double in weight, compared to the Frenchie.

Fully-grown English Bulldogs can tip the scale at 50-60 pounds. They’ll typically stand a little taller, too, reaching up to 20 inches. 


These cute, little tykes have a broader chest and wide, stubby legs. It gives the impression that they’re always standing at attention. 

English Bulldogs also have wider heads and a notable underbite that can put their lower teeth on display. They also have larger jowls than the Frenchie to go along with that famous underbite. 

Best Environment

A similar environment will suit an English Bulldog. They don’t require (and can’t carry out) huge bouts of exercise. So, just a couple of small walks a day will be perfect. 

As such, they don’t need huge backyards to run around and play in. Rather, they, too, will do quite well in an apartment or small home. 


English Bulldogs are friendly, laid back, relaxed, and predictable. They actually have slightly lower energy levels than Frenchies, so they won’t be too difficult to train accordingly.  

For ages, sports teams have enjoyed using English Bulldogs as their mascots. This goes to show that, with the right dedication and consistency, these pups can train up just as well as any other breed. 

French Bulldogs vs. English Bulldogs: Who Wins?

Truth be told, they’re both winners! Each breed can live over a decade and don’t require large spaces or copious amounts of exercise.  

A Note On Health Issues

We will say this, however. English Bulldogs tend to have a few more health issues. Both breeds tout that cute “smushed” face and may run into respiratory problems. However, English Bulldogs also have those adorable jowls, wrinkles, and short, stubby legs. 

As such, it’s important to keep all these areas clean to prevent infection. A routine bathing schedule will help keep all those wrinkles in order. 

A Note on Spunk and Alertness

By and large, Frenchies will have a bit more energy and spunk.

Frenchies may also be more excited about walk/playtime than English Bulldogs. Each breed will do well with a couple of short walks per day. But, English Bulldogs aren’t very active by nature (which also puts them at risk for obesity).

Regardless of the breed, Bulldogs don’t like the heat. So, plan to be extra cautious during the hottest days of the year.  

A New Frenchie for You

Although it’s easy to withhold any bias on the French Bulldogs vs. English Bulldogs debate, we do have a personal preference. Since we make a living breeding French Bulldogs, that’s the Frenchie! 

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Best of all, we also take aim at rare colors like blue, lilac, chocolate, and merle Frenchies. Be careful because, if you adopt one of our pups, you won’t be able to walk down the street without hearing people coo. 

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A Frenchie really is a wonderful option for all family types. And, in our opinion, there’s no breed cuter.

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