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How to Find a Trustworthy French Bulldog Breeder

While a French Bulldog may have the name of “French” in its breed name, it originates from England. First bred in the 1800s in Nottingham, lace makers wished for a smaller version of the English Bulldog, or a “toy bulldog.”

200 years later, there is still a lot of love for these amazing canines. If this sounds like the pup for you, and you are searching for French Bulldog puppies for sale, take one step back.

First, search for a French Bulldog breeder who is trustworthy. You want one who will go to great lengths to ensure they breed healthy French Bulldog puppies ethically, providing you with a puppy you can love and care for as long as possible.

What should you research? How do you find a “good one?” Also, how do you know if a French Bulldog breeder is as good as they tell you they are?

Keep reading to discover how to research French Bulldog breeders and the best course of action to find the best pup and breeder for you.

What Is an Ethical French Bulldog Breeder?

To begin, you must first understand what it means when a person tells you they are a “breeder.” Anyone with a female dog that produces a litter of French Bulldog puppies can call themselves “breeders.” However, there is much more to breeding beyond producing puppies.

An ethical breeder understands the French Bulldog breed and the breed standard. A good French Bulldog breeder works toward producing puppies that look like the standard. They are sound physically and temperamentally.

Without this, the results of the French Bulldog puppies are unpredictable, and worse yet.

What to Expect From Trustworthy French Bulldog Breeders

A breeder who is callous will breed French Bulldogs for profits and not quality. They will take any buyer who arrives with payment.

An ethical breed will screen a new home. When you call, they will ask a lot of questions, gathering details to see if you understand the breed. After you take your French Bulldog puppy home, they will be a mentor for you and answer questions if you need them to for as long as you need them.

Further, ethical French Bulldog breeders will spend plenty of time caring for and socializing with their puppy litter. They will start training from the beginning and have the puppy’s health checked.

The best French Bulldog breeder gives their puppies the best start to life they can get from a human.

Discover Referrals

You can see if your veterinarian has referrals to reputable breeders in your area. Also, join French Bulldog groups on social media and post questions asking for trustworthy breeders.

You can reach out to local French Bulldog breed clubs around you. Another way to find referrals is by attending a professional dog show and talking with participants and spectators that you meet.

Ask for References

It is unlikely that the French Bulldog breeder you are thinking to select is having their first litter. Find out how long they have been a breeder. With many litters, this means they have references from previous customers.

You will want to ask for a few references, and from families who will be happy to take your questions.

Go to the Breeder’s Facility

An ethical French Bulldog breeder should accommodate and let you see their facility. If they do not want to, then this is likely a red flag. You want to see where the puppies are born and the conditions they live in.

It is important to see where the parents and the puppies are spending their time. Is it well-maintained, clean, and free of odor?

You do not want to investigate French Bulldog puppies for sale from a breeder that has the dogs kept in cages for long periods of time. The kennel should be cool or with heat, depending on the temperature outside, and with fresh water available always.

Parents should be onsite. Males can be separate, but it is still good that you ask to see dad. The whole French Bulldog family, including mom, dad, brothers, and sisters, should have clear eyes, clear noses, healthy coats, and healthy weight.

Parents Should Be Over the Age of Two

When you see mom and dad, ask about their age. Experts recommend breeding dogs after they are at least two years old. It is better for the health of the mother.

Plus, you will not have a realistic picture of the health of parents and of their temperaments until they reach that age. It is a time when the parents are finished growing and mature.

French Bulldog Breeders Know French Bulldogs

An ethical breeder will screen you when you inquire about their French Bulldog puppies for sale. It is important that you do the same.

Vetting the right French Bulldog breeder means asking them a lot of questions. You should know how big they can get (based on mom and dad), their temperament, inherited health issues, exercise requirements, diet, and special needs. They should even send you home with a bag of their current dog food to give you time to keep it or switch it.

Good French Bulldog breeders may breed other types of dogs, but they devote themselves to the French Bulldog breed. An ethical breeder will have extensive knowledge of your new puppy.

Waitlists and Deposits

French Bulldog breeders, like all breeders, do not always have puppies. Puppies come when litters come. Parents only have one litter at a time.

Expect to have to be put on a waitlist and wait patiently for your pup. Also, expect to pay a deposit when you are on a waitlist.

Poetic French Bulldogs and Ethically Bred Frenchies

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