Poetic French Bulldog’s – Sophie

Sophie is our beautiful girl with an expressive face and lots of rolls and wrinkles. She has the cutest little thick body and a funny sweet temperament.

Poetic French Bulldog’s Linda

Linda is just a beauty; she is perfect in every way. Love her black mask and fawn coat with a touch of red. She is consistent with her puppies having beautiful faces and bodies. Linda also has the sweetest temperament; she loves to be in your lap!

Poetic French Bulldog’s Chiquita

Chiquita is our small, stocky, and thick beauty with the sweetest temperament who loves to be by your side. Her puppies will be perfect little meatballs with lots of rolls and wrinkles.

Poetic French Bulldog’s Maisey

Maisey is our super cute blue beauty. She has a fun-loving temperament and is always up for playing with the other dogs. Her puppies look like little teddy bears and are some of the cutest!

Poetic French Bulldog’s Pixel

Pixel is our small beauty, who loves to be around everyone and has the funniest personality. Pixel’s lines are quality with consistency. We love the rolls and wrinkles that give her the sweetest face and we look forward to seeing that in her puppies.

Poetic French Bulldog’s Ava

Ava is our sweet blue fawn girl. She is on the smaller side, only weighing about 18 lbs. Ava has the sweetest personality and loves to be next to you, she is another full package beauty of a Frenchie. We love her pretty face with big rolls which will be passed to her puppies!

Poetic French Bulldog’s Luna

Luna is our beautiful merle girl. She has the sweetest laid-back temperament, and loves to be by your side. She carries lots of colors so we look forward to the perfect little beauties she will have.

Poetic French Bulldog’s Reya

Reya is our super sweet beauty. She is a blue lilac brindle and produces beautiful lilacs, blues and blue pied puppies. She has a very fun-loving temperament and is always up do anything fun.

Poetic French Bulldog’s Harley

Harley is our small compact blue merle pied beauty. She has the sweetest most laid-back personality. Her puppies will be on the smaller side and colors will range from blue merle, blue fawn, blue pieds and lilacs.

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