Poetic French Bulldogs’ Lucy

Lucy is our little blue pied beauty who loves to make you smile. She is very sweet with a playful personality. We look forward to having lots of little Lucy puppies. They will be blues, blue pieds and fawns.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Cookie

Cookie is our small mask-less blue fawn pied beauty. She has the sweetest most laid-back personality. Her puppies will be on the smaller side and colors will range from blue, blue fawn, blue pieds and lilacs.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Molly

Molly is our brindle pied beauty; she carries blue and chocolate and can produce lilac, blue and chocolate puppies. Molly is an all around a little beauty, she checks off every box when it comes to standards.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Lizzy

Lizzy is one of our little pocket rockets. She is beautiful and small but with all the rolls and wrinkles. She will produce blue and blue pied.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Bindi

Bindi is our chocolate merle girl with light eyes! She is very sweet and funny with a wonderful temperament. Her puppies reflect her beauty and personality. Bindi’s puppies will be merles, blues, lilac and pieds.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Hershey

Hershey is our Chocolate beauty. She is stocky and thick and will produce perfect little meatballs with lots of rolls and wrinkles. Her puppies will be blue, lilac, and chocolate.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Abby

Abby is our black brindle beauty. She has the rolls, wrinkles and that beautiful round head. She carries rare colors and can produce blue, lilac, chocolate, and black.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Gypsy

Gypsy is our beautiful thick girl. She has all the rolls and wrinkles in a little compact body. She carries blue and chocolate and can produce lilac, blue, and chocolate.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Lola

Lola is our pretty little blue merle with the white stripe! She is super sweet and playful with a gentle temperament. She is on smaller side and will produce small blues and blue merles.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Candy

Candy is our small, thick, and cobby lilac merle girl with the sweetest most gentle temperament. Candy will have lilac, blues, merles, and chocolate colored puppies. Her puppies will be small and cobby with mellow temperaments.

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