Poetic French Bulldogs’ Dublin

Dublin is our Blue Merle Stud, he carries chocolate and can produce blues, lilac, and chocoate puppies. His color/quality is rare in the French Bulldog breed.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Square

Square is our small compact stud. He is blue fawn and produces small compact rare colored Frenchies. His quality is matchless in rare colored French Bulldogs.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Justice

Justice is our beautiful Sqaure son. He is our up and coming stud. He is compact with a thick little body and nice big round head. He carries chocolate and will produce blue, lilac, pied, chocolate.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Kenny

Kenny is our Lilac Pied Merle Stud. He is Dublin’s son and can produce a rainbow of rare colors including pied, blue, lilac and tan, chocolate and tan. Kenny is a beautiful Frenchie.

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