Poetic French Bulldogs’ Marley

Marley is our beefy stud; he is perfect in so many ways! He is the outcome of many years of hard work. His coat color is blue lilac merle with purple undertones. Marley is funny and sweet with a very mellow temperament. We can’t wait to see the little beauties he produces.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Square

Square is our small compact stud. He is blue fawn and produces small compact rare colored Frenchies. His quality is matchless in rare colored French Bulldogs.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Wick

Wick is our beautiful blue and tan boy. We love how well put together he is, Wick has a big head and a compact thick body. His puppies are always so adorable.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Bear

Bear is our small blue and tan, short and compact stud. He consistently produces great looking teddy bear like puppies. Bear has the sweetest clownish temperament so his puppies will not only be beautiful but funny.

Poetic French Bulldogs’ Banks

Banks is our up and coming small Merle stud. He is compact with some of the best lines in his pedigree. His temperament is sweet, funny and playful. Looking forward to seeing the consistency in his puppies.

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