Puppy Prep: How to Prepare Your Home for Your New French Bulldog

According to a survey done by the American Kennel Club, the French Bulldog breed has now climbed the charts as the fourth most popular dog breed. This is a big climb from ranking 76th just a short twenty years ago!

The French Bulldog is the perfect breed for millennials who live in city dwellings and don’t have a large backyard or much room for a larger dog breed. However, just like any dog, you need to have a good puppy prep plan in place so that you can make their training a breeze once they arrive.

The question is, how can you ensure you are properly ready for your Frenchie’s arrival? Being prepared means that the integration process will go much smoother and your puppy will be less scared of the changes.

Thankfully, we’ve created this article to help you with your puppy prep so you can ensure your French Bulldog puppy’s arrival is smooth sailing. Keep on reading to learn more!

Create a Plan 

Puppy prep goes far beyond having the right supplies and knowing how to potty train. It also means that you and your family are all on the same page when it comes to establishing rules and guidelines. 

French bulldogs are an intelligent breed, easy to train, with a great demeanor. However, if your family is not consistent with their training, it will confuse your puppy and cause it to lose your trust. Consistency is essential for training French Bulldogs, so have a family meeting and make sure that everyone agrees to the same set of training rules.

Have the Right Supplies

The last thing you want to do once your puppy arrives from the French Bulldog breeders is having to go to the pet store because you are not well prepared. Follow this list of essential puppy prep supplies so you are ready to spend as much time with your puppy as possible.


While French Bulldogs may be a small breed, they also have very strong jaws and can chew through flimsy plastic toys, so make sure the toys you purchase are durable. Puzzle toys are a great choice for Frenchies because of their intelligence and curiosity, this also helps them to develop their thinking and reasoning skills.

Chew toys are another great option for your puppy, as it will teach them what they can and cannot chew on, plus it will keep their teeth nice and healthy. Soft Toys are also great as a form of comfort when you are not around, as Frenchies need companionship. We also suggest that you get two French Bulldogs instead of just one so that they have companionship and don’t get lonely. 

Food and Water Bowls

You may be thinking that all dog bowls are the same, yet thanks to ergonomic advancements, there are now some very creative dog bowls available compared to 20 years ago.

French Bulldogs are fast eaters, which can lead to indigestion and stomach problems causing them to burp and fart. We suggest getting a slow-feeding bowl so that your French Bulldog will slow down during their meal times.

Collar and ID Tag

Collars are fun to buy, as there are so many fun styles out there like studs or diamonds. However, we suggest you start with getting your puppy a smaller collar, then as they get bigger, you can invest in a fun collar of your choice.

If your puppy has to be ID tagged or microchipped, make sure that you include their name, your veterinarian’s information, and your full contact information.   

Pet Insurance

In the unfortunate case that your French Bulldog becomes sick or injured, your veterinarian bills can become very expensive. We highly suggest that you invest in pet insurance, such as Trupanion. Trupanion insurance covers 90% of the vet charges for all different types of services. 

Leash or Harness

If your puppy likes to constantly pull on the leash, it could cause them some spinal issues in their future. Prevent this by investing in a good leash with shock-absorbing technology, or use a harness instead. This will also help you prevent accidentally choking your puppy when they get excited. 

Food and Treats

Your French Bulldog breeder will know the best information on the type of food you should purchase for your puppy. You must continue using the same food as the breeder, or else your puppy could develop gastrointestinal issues from the sudden change in diet. 

Start with a small, softer treat for potty training, then as your Frenchie becomes bigger, you can change to a bigger, tastier treat. 

Bedding and a Crate 

Crate training is essential to ensure your French Bulldog feels a sense of comfort and protection. Make sure that no children try to climb inside their crate with them as this is their safe space.

Find a crate that will be comfortable enough to hold their food and water in, along with their bedding. Save yourself some money by making sure that the crate will also be big enough once they are full-grown, so you do not have to go purchase another crate! 

Grooming Supplies

Grooming your puppy not only makes them look and smell better, but it will also help them to avoid infections and keep them healthy. Your grooming kit should include a brush, eye wipes, a gentle shampoo, and a toothbrush.

Make sure you are cleaning between their facial folds a couple of times per week to reduce the chances of a skin infection. You will also want to brush them a couple of times per week to help remove dead skin cells, promote oil distribution, and give your puppy a nice massage!

Ensure the House is Safe

Before your puppy arrives, you want to make sure the house is ready and free of any puppy hazards. Remove any wires, choking hazards, shoes, or poisonous substances from their reach. Make sure everyone knows not to put their bags on the floor, as the puppy could get curious and end up eating something in their bag. 

If there are stairs or forbidden rooms in the house, protect your puppy by placing a puppy fence in their main room. 

Learn More About French Bulldog Puppy Prep 

Now that you have done your puppy prep, you are ready to receive your French Bulldog puppy! Preparing for a puppy can feel like a tedious task, yet once you have your little Frenchie in your arms, all that hard work will melt away.

If you are still looking for the right French Bulldog breeder, check out our available puppies that are ready for adoption!