These Poetic French Bulldog Testimonials Show How Much Our Fans Love Their Puppies —
And You Will Too.

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Hey Melissa! We’re doing great! Basils new name is Banks and he responds to it very well. So far he has already been on that plane ride with me when I came to get him, a road trip with us this past weekend, been to playgrounds, dog parks, a gender reveal party, a bunch of restaurants, pet stores, and has visited 3 different family members houses. We are all about socializa on. He’s already been to the vet for his boosters and they loved him. My kids love him and he loves them, so it has been great. He is also a show stopper. When we take him places people just completely fawn over him. They want pictures of him and with him, want to know about his breeder, etc... I think I’ve given at least 4 people your website and FB now. We really love him and think he’s the perfect fit for us!

- Peyton Harrell


This is Mr. Bojangles Bentley!! How cute is he!!! We are in love with him!! I will put up some pics of him on your Facebook and Instagram accounts. He is so sweet , eating well, sleeping well, and getting used to his new home. Thank you for such a sweet pup!!
- Victoria Dingman


Hi Melissa, We are overwhelmed with joy from Tessa. She is a sweetheart! She loves to play, already knows her name, and has made great progress with potty training. She also loves to bite toes and feet!! Girls are having tons of fun with her. Thank you so much. She is amazing!!

- Joe, Tina, Samantha and Alexa.


Hi Melissa! I just wanted to thank you for this amazing puppy who has come to make us so so happy!!


Bubba (Blanco) turned 3 years old yesterday. What a wonderful pet! He is the talk of the neighborhood. I have recommended you to other people who are looking for Frenchies. Thanks you so much for enriching our life.

- Norma and Ken Scherer


I saw you added testimonials on your page so I wanted to send over a picture and a little message - We love Emma so much! Words cannot describe how amazing she is and how happy we are with Poetic French Bulldogs. Random people stop us all the time to compliment her. Thanks again for everything!!


Hi Melissa, we are in love with Stitch!


Hi Melissa! I wanted wish you a happy Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for our little Hero. He’s wonderful. He is 16.5 pounds and 12inches at the shoulder. He is potty trained, sits, lays down, shakes, gives high five, comes and stays(in public for several minutes!) all on command. He loves everyone and everything💞 Oh.. and he hates that i dress him 😂


She’s been the best puppy. We love her to pieces 😍😍 She has been the greatest blessing to our family! Thank you again 💕💕💕

- Danielle Oyasu


Thank you for everything! Jax was great last night. He seems very comfortable here. Exploring and playing a lot. Very happy!

Louie the Merle

He's A M A Z I N G!!!
Thank you for checking in.. My granddaughters are in love... because they had a Frenchie that passed a year ago. My daughter cried when she saw him and wanted to steal him. Now they visit every day. Thank you again!! PS... you have no idea how many babysitters I have lined up... and we're not even going anywhere!!

- Missy


I got my Frenchie from you almost 3 years ago in November 2016. He's the cutest, most loving dog I've ever had. His name was peanut when we adopted him at 10 weeks old but we've since changed it to Louie. Here's a picture of him now. So handsome 😍


Just wanted to share a picture of our Lucy girl. She is the sweetest and we are enjoying her so much. She is doing great with potty training and she gives the best cuddles!! Thanks again for this sweet girl

-Sara Ferguson


Update: we changed Olivers name to Murphy 😄. He is the sweetest puppy/dog I’ve ever had the experience of being around. So loving and funny. Although, I would say my cat would say differently LOL.? He loves to play soccer & in fact a serious defender... my daughter can’t get the ball away from him 😆 He loves getting in the car for short road trips. He loves playing fetch & tug-a-war. We are so in love with our little guy❤ Loves getting in his car seat for car rides.

- Shelley


Hi Melissa! Just wanted you to know Pearl is doing great and we love and spoil her so much!!! She is so precious and our little baby. We are in love with her. Can you pls let me know when you have a litter from Pearl’s parents? We’d like a light fawn with a little mask. Hope you are doing well!

- Paula F. Moorhead


Pepe is home! We already love our boy so much. Claudia was awesome and took such good care of him. We will send some more pics in the weeks/months ahead. We also made him an Instagram account: pepe.lebleu
Thank you again, Melissa!

- Lenny


Melissa, On April 5th, we picked up our puppy Bella. She immediately bonded and is happy, healthy, and growing to like the back yard. She is beautifully sweet and loving! Thank you so much for giving us this sweet girl. She is truly special.

- Respectfully, Phil


We could not love him anymore- all three of my boys are crazy about him too. The two in college always want me to bring him down for a visit.. ha! My husband owns his company and Gator goes to work with him 4 out of 5 days a week- he is the office buddy. We are so happy we found you as a breeder!!

-Thank you, Stephanie


Hello! I hope you are doing well despite these tough times. We adopted Abbie from you a couple years ago and i just wanted to share some pictures and say that she’s doing amazing. She loves playing “hockey” and will hit tennis balls around with a bone. She’s extremely friendly and loves snuggling under blankets. She hasn’t had a single health issue and she takes very good care of me while we social-distance together!

Ellie & Milly

Hi Melissa!! Just saw you on linkedin and thought of you! Ellie is 5 and Milly will turn 4 in a few weeks. They are the lights of my life and still the prettiest girls I have ever seen! Wanted to let you know they are the happiest of pups and I just adore them!! ❤️❤️


Hi Melissa, Harvey is awesome. Such a good boy. Not really scared of anything. Peeing and pooping on the pads already. He ate all his food. He’s making it easy. And of course, we know that has to do with you. We love him to death already.


Hello Melissa. Hope recently turned 1 yrs old. We love her so much. She is sweet, playful, and goofy sometimes.

- Thank you, Les


“Happy New Year! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. Just wanted to update you that Ziggy has settled in beautifully and we are all so in love with him. Here are a few pics of him living his best life... lol. Thanks again!”

- Rebecca, Poetic French Bulldog Owner


“I hope you had a good holiday. I wanted to send a photo of Brutus. He turned one this week. We love him so much. He's very social and we get so many compliments about him and how beautiful his color is. I go to your website often to see the cute puppies. I keep telling Eric that Brutus needs a friend 😊. Hope you and your family are well. Happy New year!”

- Poetic French Bulldog Owner


“Stanley Stefanski will be three years old in January and is just the greatest joy. So glad we got him from you guys. Don’t let the big beard fool you. That man is obsessed with his Frenchie.”

- Poetic French Bulldog Owner


“Hello! Just letting you know that Abbie is doing wonderful. She is so sweet, independent, and smart and she gets along with everyone. She is absolutely adored. She loves sleeping on my dad’s stomach and trying to chew the buttons on his shirt. Here are some pictures and videos of her.”

- Diana, Poetic French Bulldog Owner


“Finn is very happy here and we love him so much. I will send you photos. I just wanted to say hi..”

- Lucy, Poetic French Bulldog Owner

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