owning a French Bulldog

Why You’ll Love Owning a French Bulldog

What if the perfect dog was out there just waiting for you?

French bulldogs are some of the cutest and most engaging dogs you will ever encounter. However, many dog lovers are on the fence about whether they are ready to bring a Frenchie home.

Want to learn more about why you’ll love owning a French bulldog? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Quiet Breed

Curious about the temperament of this breed? Before owning a French bulldog, you should know they are relatively quiet and easygoing.

While these dogs like playing and exercise (more on this later), they are also content to chill out on a bed, couch, or floor for several hours. This is good news for those who work from home or just have busy home lives but still want to live with a very cute and cuddly dog.

Small and Easy to Handle

This may be obvious, but it’s worth noting that this breed is very small. And this can be an influential factor before you decide to start raising a French bulldog.

Because of their size, this breed is great for someone who lives in a small home. French bulldogs can basically fit in and be quite happy in a home of any size.

That may sound like a simple thing, but many who buy a big dog end up having to move to a bigger home because they don’t have enough space inside the house or in their yard. By getting a French bulldog, you get all the fun of owning a dog and none of the annoyances that come from moving.

Easy Exercise

Different dog breeds require different levels of exercise. For example, larger and more athletic dogs may need long, vigorous walks multiple times per day because of all their restless energy.

That’s not really the case with French bulldogs. Their ideal “exercise” is a trip to a local park where they might be able to socialize with other dogs. Beyond that, you can walk them as much or as little as you want–this breed will basically accommodate your specific schedule.

And, of course, this breed loves playtime with the owner. Just take a little time each day to play with your Frenchie and they will be the happiest dog on the planet!

Very Kid-Friendly

If you have children, especially young children, then you need to be careful when buying a dog. If the dog has a bad temperament, jealousy issues, or just likes to be alone, then it may constantly bark and snap at your kids.

However, French bulldogs love kids like almost nothing else. Because these dogs are so loving and so social, they will enjoy spending time playing and hanging with your kids.

And remember when we talked about how this breed is relatively passive? Even if your kid occasionally tugs on the dog’s ears or pats their back like it’s a drum, your Frenchie will never have anything but love and affection for your child.

Protectors of the Family

French bulldogs are not physically intimidating. Despite this, they make for perfect “guard dogs” for your family due to a couple of different traits.

The first trait is that they have good ears. If there are weird sounds outside the home or intruders within the home, you can count on this breed’s sharp ears to hear it.

The second trait is this: relative to other dogs, French bulldogs don’t make a lot of noise. That means when they are barking about something they hear, it’s likely to be important!

Loving Companion

While French bulldogs don’t require as much energy to take care of, there is one thing they do require: lots of cuddles and love!

By nature, Frenchies are very loving dogs. They may beg you to pay attention to them and even go so far as to fake a snoring noise to get your attention.

If you want a dog who will cuddle up to you while you watch movies in bed, this is a great breed. And they are also perfect if you want a dog you can take plenty of adorable photos of before sharing them on social media. Just ask Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who loves showing his Frenchie off on social media!

Playful Nature

If there was a medieval dog kingdom, do you know what role your new French bulldog would play? The only possible answer is “court jester.”

Simply put, these dogs love to be playful and silly. They are happy to catch a ball and do other traditional “play” activities. But they will also put up with wearing cute dog clothing and accessories more than most breeds will.

That’s part of the reason these playful dogs are so photo-friendly. Another reason is their cute little face: once you see the faces your dog makes when they hear unexpected noises or encounter another animal, you’ll instantly want to whip out your phone and take a photo.

Minimal Barking

It’s an open secret that some dogs bark almost all of the time. And that can be a dealbreaker if you rent your home, have roommates, or just want to get a good night’s sleep.

As we noted before, Frenchies only really bark if there is a reason. While they may briefly bark at things like a doorbell or a knock at the door, they are mostly quiet throughout the day.

And as social as these dogs are, they don’t bark much when hanging around other dogs. Even if you own several Frenchies, you’d be amazed at how little barking you will hear each day.

Owning a French Bulldog: Next Steps

Now you know about the magic of owning a French bulldog. But do you know who can help you experience that magic right away?

We’re here to help you find the perfect French bulldog for your home. To get started, just tell us which of our puppies you’d like to bring home today!